It is the goal of the Corinth Central School District to provide for our students the skills, aptitudes, and attitudes necessary to be successful in whatever they choose to do following graduation and throughout their entire lives. 

The strategic plan below articulates our beliefs, provides a mission for the district and the parameters that govern our decisions, establishes the goals we pursue, and the strategies that will help us accomplish our goals. 

We recognize the education we received as children has served us well, but it is insufficient for today's students. Indeed, it would be a disservice to them to teach them as we were taught. 

The integrated K-12 curriculum at Corinth Central School District:

  • Empowers students to use their knowledge and skills to solve problems and become contributing members of a democratic society
  • Prepares every student for success in higher education and the world of work
  • Develops in students the qualities and skills necessary to be successful, responsible citizens
  • Reflects a technology-rich learning environment necessary for the ever-changing world