Foreign Language

Foreign Language 
Welcome to español and français!



The first Foreign Language Club meeting will be held on Thursday September 24th right after school in Madame Mullin's room, 306.  All students who have taken a Foreign Language are welcome.  We will outline our activities for the year, vote for officers and as well as sponsoring scholarships.

The Foreign Language Club needs officers. The officers positions open are posted on the bulletin board outside the High School Foreign Language Rooms.  If you are interested in being a leader of this club, please see Madame Mullin in room 306 or Señora Wells in room 305 for a petition. Completed forms need to be turned in to either Foreign Language teacher by the end of the day Tuesday, September 22nd.


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Foreign Language Club French Dinner

July 2015

Announcement for the incoming freshmen class:

9th Grade Supply List -Corinth High School
1  4 Inch Binder*  - Any Color
3  Packets of Loose Leaf Paper
1  One Dozen Package of Pens (Blue or Black)
1  Package of Red Pens(For correcting homework)
1  Box of Pencils
1  Folder - Any Color
1  Compass (For students taking Common Core Geometry)
1  Ruler(For students taking Common Core Geometry)
1  8GB USB Flash Drive**
* The 4 inch binder can be used for all 9th grade classes.  Students/Parents have the option to purchase multiple 2 or 3 Inch binders for each class,  if they choose to for organizational purposes.  

** Optional 

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Our teachers:

La Señora Wells - español I-IV: wellsl@corinthcsd.org

Madame Mullin - français I-IV: mullinh@corinthcsd.org

La Señora/Madame Siano - español 8 & français 8 (Middle School) sianop@corinthcsd.org


The department encourages all foreign language students to join the Foreign Language Club to enhance your language/cultural understanding. Listen to the announcements for more information.