Our Alma Mater: 

"Far across the Hudson Valley glorious to view; 
stands our noble alma mater towering o're the blue. 
Lift your voice ever onward; 
loud her praises sing. 
Hail to thee, our alma mater, 
hail, oh, hail, Corinth."


Music is a big part of learning at Corinth Central School District.

Starting in Elementary School, students develop a love of music through singing, movement, and performances.

Children in grades K-4 receive music instruction as a special. Click on Mrs. Janicke’s Google Site to see all the fun! https://sites.google.com/corinthcsd.org/mrs-janicke/home?authuser=0

General music is offered to all students in grades 5-7.

Students will:

●       Develop a basic working knowledge of music notation and terminology

●       Experience music­making in the classroom setting

●       Learn to sing and play songs of various styles

●       Participate in the creative process by improvising and composing music

●       Learn about Musical Theater

●       Learn some music history

●       Have fun exploring music together

●       Treat each other, the instruments, and the teacher with respect

●       Leave the music room as neat as you found it


High School Electives:

  • Music in Our Lives
  • Music Theory/Piano Skills
  • History of Music/History of Rock


There are many opportunities for students to learn, practice, grow, and develop their love of music:

The Corinth Elementary Instrumental Music program consists of four parts:

Lessons, Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Handbell Choir (formerly called “Chime Choir”).

Lessons are small groups. All band students, fourth and fifth grade, receive lessons. Most lesson groups contain from two to four students. In lessons, the students are taught to play their instruments, care for the instruments, and read music. Lessons meet once each week according to a rotating schedule. Lesson days remain the same, but the times change week by week so students are not pulled out of the same class more than once every six weeks.

Beginning Band

Beginning Band is made up of all first-year players. Beginning Band meets after school on Mondays.

Concert Band

Concert Band is composed of second-year players, so it is for fifth-graders only. The Concert Band meets at 8 a.m. on Tuesdays.

Handbell Choir

Handbell Choir is a fifth-grade-only group. The Handbell Choir plays handbells and handchimes, the ringers learning basic music reading skills as they go. There are no lessons for Handbell Choir – all instruction happens during the large group rehearsal. Handbell Choir rehearses after school on Tuesdays.

Sixth Grade Band

Sixth Grade Band consists of lessons and rehearsals. Instrumental lessons occur on Wednesdays and Thursdays, in room 307. A student’s lesson will always be on the same weekday, regardless of the “A-B-C-D” schedule, but will rotate through different periods of the day. Rehearsals occur on “B” and “D” days, 2nd period, in room 311.

For more information, go to Mr. Ruggiero’s website: https://sites.google.com/corinthcsd.org/ruggiero-band-handbells/home?authuser=0

As students get older, they can continue to participate in:

     5-6 Chorus

     6th Grade Hand Bells

     7-8 Chorus

     7-8 Band

    HS Chorus

    HS Band

     Select Chorus

     Jazz Band

     Marching Band


Links to Music Teachers:

Carol Cutler - Dept. Chair, 6th Grade Band, 7/8 Band, HS Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band 

Rick Ruggiero - 5th Grade Band, 5th Grade Hand Bells, 6th Grade Hand Bells, General Music 6, General Music 7 

Barbro Aldridge - 5/6 Chorus, 7/8 Chorus, HS Chorus, Select Chorus, HS Elective (Music In Our Lives, Music Theory/Piano Skills, History of Music/History of Rock), General Music 5 

Lisa Janicke - General Music K-4, Chorus 3/4